Our mission with ROCK RESPECT is to educate rock climbers about sustainable recreation and the safest rock climbing practices available. We want to educate the climbing community to be a responsible user group that respects and reduces environmental impact, and assumes own personal risk while rock climbing outdoors. Rock climbing is growing in popularity (because it's so rad!) and with this comes a growing number of climbers making the transition from the gym to the real rocks. To create nationally unified and approved climbing information, all of the information on this website has been created in collaboration with numerous access coalitions & climbing organizations across Canada. 

Reduce Risk
Outdoor climbing poses many risks and considerations that are not present in a climbing gym environment. Climbers must ALWAYS assume own risk when climbing outdoors, and never hold land owners or route developers accountable for accidents that may occur at the cliff. We hope that this website will make it easier for climbers to make a confident and educated transition to the real rocks.

Reduce Environmental Impact
The more respectful we are to our fragile climbing areas, the less environmental impact we leave behind. The lower we keep our impact, the longer we can enjoy these delicate pieces of rock climbing paradise! We hope to continue to be involved in providing trail signage and education seminars to educate climbers about sustainable recreation and protect the climbing areas we are fortunate enough to climb at.

Preserve and Protect Climbing Areas
 Always rock respect while climbing outside and help keep a good relationship with the environment, other climbers, user groups and land owners. Lead by example and spread the word about the 'Climbers Code' so we can preserve the climbing areas that are important to us all! 

If you have any questions about the information on this website, or if you would like to contribute, donate or volunteer for Rockrespect.ca, please do not hesitate to reach out to:

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