What is Leave No Trace? 

Leave No Trace is the concept of leaving the least amount of environmental impact as possible, while enjoying the great outdoors. An even better practice is to leave the cliff cleaner than you found it! Follow the steps below to ensure that you leave a minimal footprint on environmentally sensitive climbing areas, ensuring that we can all enjoy them for decades to come.

Plan and Prepare
Know regulations/special concerns of area. Prepare for weather and pack appropriate clothing, food, water, etc. 
Reduce Impact
Stay on Trails (don't be lazy and cut trails). Camp on existing and permitted sites. Travel in small groups. Place your boulder pad/climbing pack on a non-vegetated surface. If there is no trail, walk on durable surfaces rather than fragile plant life. 
Dispose of Waste Properly
Pack out your trash and pick up any trash you find. Learn where to pee and how to properly bury poo outdoors. Read more here: http://www.leavenotrace.ca/principle-dispose-waste-properly & https://www.accessfund.org/learn/the-climbers-pact/poop
Leave What You Find
Don't damage rocks/trees/plants. These areas are highly sensitive will take years to regenerate if you destroy it. 
No fires
Unless in designated/permitted fire pit!
Never feed or hurt animals
Animals will become dependant on human food if you feed them and this will inevitably lead to a slow death for them. If they come to expect human food, then they will stop hunting/gathering/migrating. They will also head to road ways to search for people and get hit by cars or eat through your expensive climbing pack to get to more food. Some of our food can make them very sick too. 
Be considerate
Be considerate of other user groups, climbers, the rock and environment. Don't play loud music or scream profanities. Travel in small groups and communicate/share with people around you.


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