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This website is dedicated to educating climbers in Canada about  outdoor climbing ethics, land stewardship, leave no trace and the gym to outdoor transition. 
To learn more about and our mission, click on OUR MISSION For an overview of things to be aware and respectful of when climbing outside, click on CLIMBERS CODE For tips and important things to know when you make the transition to climbing outdoors, click on GYM TO ROCK For information on how to limit your impact while climbing outdoors, click on LEAVE NO TRACE For a list of frequently asked questions from climbers making the transition from gym to rock, click on ASK A GUIDE For a list of resources, certified guides, climbing organizations, guidebooks, click on LINKS
We hope that the information on this website will help you make a smooth transition into outdoor climbing and educate you about important outdoor rock climbing ethics. Please share this knowledge and website with others and lead by example so we can continue …

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